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*Alden für Bespoke, Shell Cordovan Full Strap Penny Loafer, Circa 1960-70: 41,5D

[English Below]                                                                                Artikelnummer: 33007260
Alden of New England
Oxblood Shell Cordovan - Pferdeleder Penny Loafer
Euro 280 
Ich kann diese ungewöhnlichen Alden Shell Cordovan Full Strap Plain Front Penny Loafers leider nicht datieren. Gewiss erscheint dieses Modell nicht in Alden’s jüngster Produktion und ich habe solch ein Modell in den vergangenen 20 Jahren während meiner Sammler-Passion nicht gesehen. Vielleicht waren sie eine Spezialanfertigung für den Einzelhändler. In jedem Fall aber besitzt es ein äusserst elegantes und pures Design und traegt eine wunderschöne Patina. Das Leder hat, nach viel Schuhpflege, die Farbe eines antiken Mahagonny angenommen – der Schreibtisch Ihres Grossvaters, wiederauferstanden in einem Paar Schuhe!
Deutsche Grösse: 41,5d (8,5D US) (7,5E UK) für den mittel-breiten Fuss.
Alden of New England
Oxblood Shell Cordovan Full Strap Penny Loafer
Euro 280
I cannot date this unusual Alden Shell Cordovan Full Strap Plain Front Penny Loafer. Certainly the model does not appear in Alden's recent production and I have not seen such a model in at least 20 years of collecting.  Perhaps made as a special order for the retailer, but in any case, a supremely elegant and sleek design, a wonderfully patinated item; the leather has turned the colour of much-polished antique mahogany, your grandfather's desk reincarnated in a pair of shoes. Alden is, of course the premiere purveyor of cordovan shoes in the world today, and this shoe is proof positive of their excellence. 
Mr. G. W. was kind enough to write recently saying that he bought his first pair at the men's store Harolds when he was in High School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the 60's. He reports that it was a very popular shoe for all age groups and that he wore his pair for many years. Harolds called the model the "329" and still stocked them until about two years before they went out of business in 2004.
Size: 8,5D US.....7,5E UK.....Continental: 415D, for the medium foot.  
Condition: gorgeous patina.
Cordovan is traditionally an American preoccupation but now, lately, very much in vogue among European businessmen and professionals, who, after all, are the most likely to be able to afford these 600-plus Euro shoes. Available to you here without Duty, VAT or MwSt.
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