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*ALLEN EDMONDS Shantung Silk Spectator Norweger, Circa 1950: 44-44,5C/D

[French & English Below]                                                  Artikelnummer: 00000017

Allen Edmonds
Circa 1950
Shantung Silk Two-Tone Split-Toe Norweger Spectator
Euro 320
This remarkable shoe is an icon of the era of "cool". The Gray Shantung Silk apron is laid on the boxcalf body of a Split-Toe Norweger emphasizing the thrust of the sleek design. With your narrow lapels, stove-pipe trousers, and Sinatra hat, you are ready to shoot Craps at the tables at Las Vegas, the old Flamingo Hotel, before the families with kids took over, the good old days of hardcore drinking and gambling, the good-natured hookers and sealed lips; "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  Or... are somewhere else entirely, on the set of one of Godard's or Truffaut's Nouvelle Vague productions. Anna Karina smiles and Belmondo tips his hat at the sight of the Silk Vamp of your Norwegians set against the jet-black Boxcalf body. The starlets gather 'round you, Audran, Aimee, Lafon, Moreau; where did you get those shoes, they ask. "America", you reply. You are an instant hit. You turn to the camera to speak, but there is a new sound, a distant ringing, the bedstand clock announces morning and the year 2010. Where is Sinatra now? Vegas is Disneyland and Eric Rohmer tells his gentle tales to the angels. Was it real or just a dream? You look in your closet and there they are, your silk norwegians. You were there. 

Size: 11C (US)…..10D(UK)…..Continental 44D-44,5C 

Zustand/Condition: beautifully cared for, new heels and thin rubber sole-protector added and un-worn since, thus, overall, like new. and...superb!
Käufer zahlt auf Grund des Gewichtes EUR 6,90 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket. Versand ohne Schuhspanner.
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