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Neuwertig American Two-Tone Norweger Spectator, Circa 1940:41,5 C/D

Item # 26061920
Mid-Century American
Two-Tone Split-Toe Norweger Spectator
Euro 280
The early style of last (Leist), the combination suede over smoth leather, the dramatic shape of the sole, the B.F.Goodrich heel and the half-canvas lining bespeak the pre-war period, while the close-stitched hand-sewn sole is evidence of the attention of a master craftsman.
This shoe, most likely dating from the late 1930s or early 1940s is the rare survivor of the erstwhile proud American shoemaking industry. Of the more than 200 shoemaking firms, small and large that were clustered in New England and elsewhere in the United States, scarcely a dozen remain.
Condition: The shoe is original in every detail but for the new laces. The "Vogue" rubber heel show trivial first rounding at the outer edge but is otherwise near new, with not even the first wear to the embossed logo or background. The "Ostendo" inner sole is the superior one used by Allen Edmonds into the 1990. The sole shows trivial rubbing but, again, no actual wear. Interior; excellent. 
Size: Marked US 8,5C but by my careful measurements this is closer to a standard US D, thus, UK 7,6D/E.....Continental 41,5C/D, for the slightly narrower to mid-width foot.
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