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*NEW - CHURCH'S "Custom Grade", Lizard Monk Strap, Circa 1985:41,5D

[English Below]                                                            Artikelnummer: Church's-23
Church's English Shoes
"Custom Grade"
Monk Strap, Circa 1985
Euro 780
Zum Verkauf steht hier die „Custom Grade" Boutique Marke „Real Lizard“ der Monklder herausragenden englischen Firma "Church’s English Shoes".  Ein idealer Schuh zur Tages-Garderobe, oder zur sportlichen Kombination mit Cord-Hose, Blazer und Flanell-Hose, oder sogar zur Jeans. Die Qualität der Church’s-Schuhe ist unwiderlegbar. Handgefertigte, rahmengenähte Qualität. Der Gesamteindruck jedoch ist der einer feineren, eleganteren Präsentation. 
Die Größe ist in englischer UK 8E (US 8.5D), was einer deutschen Größe 41,5D entspricht; für den mittel-breiten Fuß.
Der Zustand Neu und ungetragen. 
Käufer zahlt, EUR 6,90 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket innerhalb Deutschlands. Verkauf ohne Spanner.
Church's English Shoes
"Custom Grade"
Loafer/Slipper, Circa 1980
Euro 780
Church's "Real Lizard" Loafer is one of the great English classic shoes of yesteryear. In the 1980's and earlier, Church’s set the standard in England for exotic leather shoes, alligator, shark, elephant, antelope, bison, water buffalo, lizard and seal. Difficulties interpreting and negotiating the varying endangered species legislation of the many countries to which they exported made continuing the manufacture of most of these exotics impractical and most were discontinued by the mid 1980s. This example represents the beautiful Goodyear welted work the produced at the time, the old and great Church’s „Custom Grade“ shoe, the shoe that made Church’s reputation. It is fair to say that it is most likely among the last of it kind, certainly the last in new condition anywhere. In terms of rarity, in ten years, I have only seen a dozen pairs in this material from Church's and all were used.
At once dressy and relaxed, this durable, comfortable and overarchingly elegant Loafer is worthy of the most advanced collector. If this shoe is your size, do not hesitate to add it to your collection.
Size: UK 8E....US8.5D.....Continental 41,5D, correct for the medium foot.
Condition: New, never worn, perfect.


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